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Individuals have credit scores. Companies have credit scores. But what about cities, states, counties, sovereigns and other public sector entities?

As worries over government solvency increase, PSCS is responding with a suite of data tools and quantitative credit models for public sector borrowers.

In May 2013, we introduced California City Credit Scoring - a web site that lets you see financial data and credit scores for 260 cities in the Golden State. We also published a working paper describing our methodology.

In January 2013, we launched the PSCS Historical Sovereign Default database. Building on data from Reinhart and Rogoff, the Center for Financial Stability's Historical Financial Statistics, Eurostat, the IMF and other sources, we will provide a free on-line database of government revenue and expenditure data with default flags. Click here to see it.

In October 2012, we published default probabilities for the ten Canadian provinces in conjunction with Ottawa's Macdonald-Laurier Institute.

In May 2012, we launched an open source framework for analyzing sovereign and general obligation municipal issuers. A short introductory video is embedded below. The full video is on YouTube! .

Rating Government Debt: A Scientific Approach on Vimeo.

In 2011, we built a database of historic US municipal bond defaults.


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